Sevcik / Ševcík

History of Sevcik Surname / Family name: Sevcik is diminutive (formation of a word used to convey a slight degree of the root meaning) of the Czech for 'cobbler' or tailor. When Czechs moved to the USA, many changed the spelling of their names dropping the diacritical marks.

If you are researching the Sevcik family roots, before you go rushing off to Prague, be sure to check out the various heritage tour operators who specialize in folks who are looking to visit 'the homeland'... What are we, pigeons homing our way to the mothership? ;-). Anyway, there is also an excellent Czech & Slovak Genealogy page worth checking out as much of the aggregation of family root research has been done in the last 10 years.

Perhaps the most famous Sevcik is Otakar Ševcík (1852 - 1934) and he was a Czech violinist.

Life expectancy for a "Sevcik" according to is 86 years vs. 75 years for the general public.